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Sometimes clients cancel because of weather and, as a result of that today, friends get a bonus “newborn” session! The oldest sister here is one of my favorite humans in the world, one of my daughter’s BFFs, my dear friends’ child, and she has diabetes.

I have known Sevilla since she was five and have seen how her parents have cared for tirelessly and lovingly since her diagnosis. I have also seen her be incredilby strong and also patient, especially when my youngest would ask her questions about “diabeebeees”.

Her new puppy, “Blue”, can detect when she is going low. While her parents will continue to monitor her blood sugar levels devotedly, day and night, Blue’s humble act of vigilance brings a small layer of comfort to their lives. I am eternally grateful for this, and will forever shower him with belly rubs and bacon treats.

Friendships come in many forms. I feel honored to have the opportunity to witness this one from such an early stage. While he was trained early on as a diabetic alert dog, he is clearly also a very loved member of this family. I look forward to being part of your lives for … ever, Carew and Aaron. Thank your for trusting me with these special moments!



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