What is Photo Camp?

Join others who share a love of photography for a weekend filled with connection, creativity and learning with professional photographers Caroline Colvin and Julie Afflerbaugh. Through Photo Camp you will find your confidence with handling your digital camera, develop an eye for creative composition and master a few simple “professional” tricks. With an emphasis on taking better photographs of kids and people in general, we will help you learn to take photos you LOVE.

Who can come?

Photo camp is perfect for anyone with a digital SLR camera or a point and shoot camera will full auto control. The curriculum will be focused on photographing children, but the knowledge will be useful for landscape, nature and other kinds of portrait photography. No previous photography experience is necessary. Space is limited to 15 participants to ensure everyone receives one on one support.

What information will be covered?

Here is a peek at what will be covered in class:

Master the settings on your digital camera.

Create unique compositions.

Understand how to control your depth of field.

Learn how to recognize and utilize different types of natural light.

Gain techniques for shooting in low light situations.

Find balance between being a Mom and a Photographer.

Focus on telling a story.



Upcoming Photo Camp Events


Photo Camp Community Gathering

April 23rd Location TBD

Photo Camp 2

Saturday, May 30th

Photo Camp 1

October 2nd and 3rd



Private mentoring is also available for photographers who are in the process of launching their business. Please call or email for more information.