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Annie and Dev dreamed up a wedding celebration that goes far beyond your typical DIY wedding; their wedding was literally built from the ground up. With the same creative passion that Annie and Dev live their lives, they created a day that was unique to them and their relationship, and involved many, many hands. From the building of a barn to the silk fabric that was purchased in Laos for Annie’s dress, every detail was a collaborative effort that pulled in family and friends from all over the world. The year prior to their October wedding, Annie and Dev quit their jobs and completed as many wedding details as possible (like hiring their photographer!) before setting off on their world adventure. Along the way, they rock climbed in Thailand, New Zealand and Australia, explored the geology of Iceland and found the fabric for the bridesmaid dresses in Thailand and the fabric for Annie’s dress in Laos! When they returned to Colorado in August, they had a few details to wrap up in the few months before the wedding. One of which was the construction of the barn on Annie’s parent’s property in Parker, CO. This barn was the structure where the October ceremony and reception would take place. In addition, Annie (a jewelry designer) and Dev (a top sommelier, currently pursuing law school) had rings to design, a dress to create, a caterer to find and endless wedding decor and details to finalize… all of which they completed in time for their wedding with the help of endless lists, discussions and sketches in their custom (of course) wedding notebook. On the day of, friends hurriedly created boutonnieres and bouquets. Their planner (and friend), Tara Gee Apgar, checked to make sure that the many details were in place in the barn and the wedding party placed encouraging hands on the shoulders of Annie and Dev; it was all coming together beautifully! In the end, these two created a dreamlike day. On the most perfect late-October, Colorado afternoon, vows were exchanged, wine was drunk, and happy, thankful tears were shed. This unforgettable day was completed around the fire, just outside of the town where Annie grew up, surrounded by dear family and friends, and a wildly joyful and adoring couple. Following their wedding day, Annie and Dev had a short break before traveling off to India for the second part of the celebration. Annie and Dev reflect back on their day with nostalgic joy and appreciation for all the hands that took part. Quote: We both worked up until the last minute to make sure that everything was built and ready, but once it got started on the morning of the wedding day it was as seamless and perfect as a dream!



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