Hey, I'm Caroline!

        I believe photos are magic. They hold space and they bring you back in time. One of my favorite photos ever taken is of my grandpa. I was seven in a farmhouse in Pennsylvania with my first Polariod camera. He was trying to knock a can off my sister’s head with a sponge. A simple moment during a typical Thanksgiving at the farm… yet, this moment… this feels magical because of it’s power to help me to remember. I hear his laugh, smell the turkey in the often and see my little sister beaming.

        I am a New England girl living in Colorado with my husband, two daughters and one crazy dog. We like to spend our weekends playing in the mountains or on the river… or sometimes chasing down bluegrass. From June to October I spend a good junk of time chasing light with madly in LOVE, ADVENTUROUS and super FUN couples and families! I feel so lucky to do what I do.

        Photography that is creative and honest.

        Located in Louisville, CO...but ready for travel!
        Now taking weddings and families for 2018-2019!